The Rundown: A Year of Action

Like many of you we took some time to recover from the election; then we jumped back into action! 

Earlier this year, we celebrated our local victories, marched in the Women’s March, and trained new and seasoned advocates alike to lobby their elected representatives.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do – and we hope you’ll join us!

Right after the election, Run Women Run President Michelle Burton sent the following message to our members:

“The future of women’s rights, civil rights, equal pay, reproductive choice, child care, education, the environment, and other rights we value so deeply have never been more in jeopardy. A preview of the President-elect’s cabinet is a flashback to the days when decisions about women’s bodies, reproductive choice, and pay scale were primarily made by older white males. We have come too far to take such a giant leap back.”

Unfortunately, during its first 100 days the administration has shown no interest in advancing reproductive justice, nor ensuring equal pay. Quite the opposite. For example, the “American Health Care Act” includes measures that would force women to lose basic health care, and it threatens to leave 2.5 million patients without access to Planned Parenthood’s essential health services. We will not stand aside while our rights are under attack!


Since the election, thousands of women have expressed interest in running for elected offices. Here in the San Diego region, it’s critical that we continue to grow our pipeline. If we truly want make a positive difference, then we need to take action.

If you’re still feeling fired up – and we hope you are – join one of our committees, seek a board position, recruit friends and colleagues to become members, or make a donation so that we can continue the mission of Run Women Run and get more women into those offices where important decisions about our lives and the lives of our daughters are made.

Published June 01, 2017