Run Women Run works to get qualified, pro-choice women elected. Candidates requesting Run Women Run’s endorsement must complete our questionnaire, which includes detailed queries regarding support for legal, confidential, comprehensive reproductive healthcare and family-planning services. Candidates are scored on their pro-choice positions and viability; qualified candidates are invited to participate in an endorsement meeting. Any Run Women Run member in good standing at least 30 days prior to the endorsement meeting is eligible to vote on our endorsements.

To request Run Women Run’s endorsement and questionnaire or for further information, please contact [email protected]

Pro Choice Criteria:

To be considered pro-choice, a candidate must at a minimum:

  • Support the concept of reproductive rights as human rights;
  • Support the terms of Roe v. Wade and oppose any attempt at the federal and state level to overturn or chip away at Roe;
  • Support public funding of abortion services, prenatal care, family planning, emergency contraception, and other reproductive health care services for all individuals, including women in the military, who rely on the government for their healthcare services;
  • Support the rights of minors to confidential family planning, abortion, prenatal care, and sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment services;
  • Support comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexuality and HIV/AIDS education in public schools that is free of bias based on race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation;
  • Support requiring the provision of, or referral for, reproductive healthcare services by any healthcare entity that receives public funding for providing healthcare services;
  • Support inclusion of all reproductive healthcare services, including abortion, in any healthcare reform plan;
  • Support enactment of laws, and enforcement of existing laws, that protect reproductive healthcare providers, their staff and patients, and their families from the ongoing campaign of violence, intimidation, and harassment being waged against them.

D4 Special Election Endorsed Candidate

Monica Montgomery Steppe | County of San Diego, Board of Supervisors District 4

March 2024 Primary Election Friendly Incumbent Endorsed Candidates

Sara Jacobs | US House of Representatives District 51

 Nora Vargas| Board of Supervisors District 1

Terra Lawson-Remer | Board of Supervisors District 3

Marni Von Wilpert | City Council District 5 

March 2024 Primary Election Member Voted Endorsed Candidates 

Jodi Cleesattle | San Diego Superior Court Judicial Seat

Dr. Akilah Weber | Senate District 39

Cheyenne Hunt | Congress District 45 

Dr. Darshana Patel | State Assembly District 76 

Dr. LaShae Sharp-Collins | State Assembly District 79

Gina Jacobs | County Board of Supervisors District 2 

Heather Ferbert | San Diego City Attorney 

Coleen Cusack | San Diego City Council District 3

Leticia Munguia | Chula Vista City Council District 3


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