Values of Run Women Run

These are the values that Run Women Run not only holds for ourselves but also for the candidates we endorse


  • Equity

Run Women Run recognizes that due to a history of oppression and ongoing disparities, barriers and advantages exist that cause an uneven starting place in our society. 

 We believe our elected and appointed leaders should prioritize engaging diverse perspectives and evolve to be inclusive, and behave equitably in order to have profound positive impacts on society. Run Women Run challenges our leaders to deconstruct frameworks of oppression while building opportunities for learning, change, and accountability. 


  • Accountability 

In order to continue the ongoing work of ensuring every voice is heard at all levels of government, we understand that Run Women Run must hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions.


  • Inclusivity

All members of Run Women Run are valued, respected, and supported. Run Women Run is committed to combating the historical exclusion of underrepresented communities. Run Women Run strives to ensure equal and full participation in decision-making processes by considering all views.

Throughout our work, we support diversity across all lines of difference, including age, economic circumstance, ethnicity, sex, race, range of ability, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression. We aim to lead by example, viewing and encouraging diversity as a fundamental and abiding strength of Run Women Run.


  • Commitment to social and reproductive justice 

Run Women Run believes in the fundamental dignity, rights and equality of every person; and a vision that freedom, safety, opportunity and fairness are accessible to and enjoyed by all. 

Run Women Run prioritizes reproductive justice as a value for all our endorsed candidates.  We believe in the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities, and expect endorsed candidates to uplift that same belief. 


  • Center BIPOC, LGBTQ, non-binary communities

Run Women Run centers the knowledge and vision of leaders from marginalized communities closest to the issues they face and support their growth and development as key in making long-lasting social change.

Run Women Run is committed to actively listening to the experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQ, and non-binary communties and to act based on the needs they have expressed. 

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