The Rundown: Show Your Gratitude

In honor of Thanksgiving, we wanted to say how grateful we are for all the women who have stood up and decided to run for office in 2020.  

This year we have endorsed 24 women running in the March 2020 primary and want to thank each and every one of them for their courage to lead and create positive change in our communities.

Is there a candidate you’d like to thank this year? Join us in showcasing our gratitude by donating to Run Women Run and then sending a woman candidate one of our Thanksgiving cards on social media. Below you will see example messages to inspire your posts and a guide to candidates’ social media handles so they’ll be sure to see your gratitude.


Thanksgiving Cards



Example social media posts


This year I am grateful for [@candidate] for running for office. #thankyou for being the leader our community needs. #Electwomen #runwomenrun


In honor of #Thanksgiving I’d like to thank [@candidate] for running for office and giving a voice to the issues I care about. #electwomen #runwomenrun


For #Thanksgiving I am joining @runwomenrun in sharing my gratitude for all the women running for office this year. Join me in showcasing gratitude my supporting #womeninpolitics here:


Because I am #grateful for all the women running for office this year I just donated to @runwomenrun. Join me in supporting #womeninpoloitics this #Thanksgiving:


Candidate Social Media Guide






Aeiramique Glass Blake




Sara Jacobs




Toni Atkins




Katrina Foley




Elizabeth Lavertu




Cottie Petrie-Norris




Tasha Boerner-Horvath




Sarah Davis




Kate Schwartz




Dr. Shirley Weber




Lorena Gonzalez




Nora Vargas




Olga Diaz




Kenya Taylor




Barbara Bry




Mara Elliott




Toni Duran




Marni Von Wilpert




Wendy Wheatcroft




Andrea Cardenas




LaWana Richmond




Julie Schorr




Michelle Ialeggio




Roberta Winston