The Rundown: Onward to November!

The 2018 Primary was a great one for women — and an especially good one for Run Women Run’s endorsed candidates. Eleven out of thirteen of our endorsed candidates on the ballot are advancing to November.

At the executive level statewide, Eleni Kounalakis decisively won her race for Lieutenant Governor with 24%, taking on Assemblymember Ed Hernandez in November who came in second with 20.5%.  If elected, Kounalakis would be the first woman to hold the position in the history of California.  Read more about Eleni’s first place Primary finish.

RWR’s endorsed candidate Monica Montgomery finished second with a margin of less than 2% against incumbent San Diego City Council President Myrtle Cole.  In other exciting news, voters in the 76th Assembly District selected RWR member and community activist Elizabeth Warren to face off RWR’s endorsed candidate Encinitas City Councilmember Tasha Boerner HorvathThe two nearly tied, Elizabeth leading with a razor thin margin of 1%!

In another close second, RWR’s endorsed candidate Jill Galvez is advancing to November for City Council District 2 in the City of Chula Vista, trailing her opponent Steve Stenberg by 1%.  RWR endorsed candidates Vivian Moreno and Dr. Jennifer Campbell will be advancing to November for San Diego City Council District 8, and District 2, respectively.  Vivian finished in first place, and Dr. Campbell is in a good position with 21% to pick up votes from the fellow RWR members Bryan Pease (19%) and Jordan Beane (9%) and who finished in third and fourth place against incumbent Laurie Zapf (45%).

Incumbents Congresswoman Susan Davis, Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber, and Mayor Mary Casillas Salas (Chula Vista) will also will advance to November with significant leads over their opponents.

We’ll also keep an eye on Marggie Castellanos, who’s running against incumbent Patricia Bates in California’s 36th Senate District (from the southern coastal region of Orange County to Encinitas), and Michelle Gomez who’s running for San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 5 against San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond.

Finally, we want to thank candidates Geneviéve Jones-Wright (District Attorney) and Sara Jacobs (49th Congressional District) who did not advance in their races but put in the hard work and dedication that made us proud to have endorsed their candidacies. Congratulations to Run Women Run members Mike Levin, and District Attorney Summer Stephan for their respective wins.

Published June 15, 2018