Friends of Run Women Run 2021

Sponsorships include being recognized on social media and the Run Women Run website. Everyone who contributes to our Fall Friends of Run Women Run Drive will receive an invitation to our in-person Freinds of Run Women Run event next year.

$50 Supporter

$100 Friend

$250 Ally

$500 Advocate

$1000 Change Maker

$2500 Leader


Undoing deeply rooted structural inequities requires bold and uncompromising leadership. And that is why Run Women Run is redoubling our efforts to encourage women from every community throughout San Diego to run for office. With your help, we will be there to support these new candidates every step of the way.   

We call on all our friends to help ensure equal representation and advance pro-choice values that help women succeed and keep them safe. Our mission would not be possible without your gracious support.

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