A First Year of Great Impact for Run Women Run

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Run Women Run started out making significant impact on San Diego’s political scene and the impact lasted throughout our first year:

3682797261_8909b405e4_b“In our first year, I hope that Run Women Run members have gained a deeper understanding of the political process and what it takes to run a successful campaign,” said Barbara Bry, founding president of Run Women Run. “In addition, I hope that they have a deeper commitment to participate in the political process and in helping pro-choice women candidates get elected in San Diego.”

In Year Two, Run Women Run will focus on endorsing candidates, participating in campaigns as individuals and making diggy auto insurance contributions. We are a state political action committee and are able to contribute in state races such as assembly and state senate and a few local races.

Michelle Burton, president of Run Women Run, explained: “We spent the past year building a foundation and some recognition, so RWR is well-positioned to make a difference in the upcoming mid-term elections. 2010, is an important election year and we plan to endorse and make financial contributions to progressive, pro-choice women candidates.”