Wanted: Pro-Choice Women Ready to Lead

Written by:  Christina Prejean This past November, it became abundantly clear to me that I had to do something to ensure that more women were leading and in positions of power. As a military officer deployed to Afghanistan, I’ve been in rooms where only men were at the table, discussing ways to improve conditions in […]

Ensuring Equal Pay in San Diego

On Monday, July 31st the City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Equal Pay Ordinance – making San Diego the largest city in the U.S. with a local ordinance to help close the wage gap.  “The Equal Pay Ordinance, authored by Councilman Chris Ward, mandates that city contractors self-certify compliance with the ordinance through their […]

Women’s Voices, in Politics and Theater

Written by: C.D. Deaton On June 3rd, Run Women Run joined with the Moxie Theatre for a night dedicated to women, politics, and conversation. After the stunning all-female performance of The Revolutionists, written by Laurie Gunderson and directed by Jennifer Eve Thornton, Run Women Run board member Hilary Nemchik discussed women in politics with the […]

If Jennifer can do it, so can you! Step-up in 2018!

Written By:  Anne M. Haule Now, more than ever, it’s time for women to run our country – at the local, state, and federal levels. I truly believe that once women are in charge or hold at least half of all leadership positions in government (and all other organizations), things will get appreciably better! The […]

2017 – A Year of Action

Welcome back to The Rundown! Like many of you we took some time to recover from the election; then we jumped back into action! Earlier this year, we celebrated our local victories, marched in the Women’s March, and trained new and seasoned advocates alike to lobby their elected representatives. We’ve still got a lot of […]

Last and Not Least: Run Women Run’s Final Endorsements of 2016

By Tryce Czyczynska, Socio-Political Writer October 6, 2016   Inspiration is as close as your neighbor in San Diego County and our last endorsement meeting of the 2016 election cycle proved it. An impressive group of 13 eclectic, women candidates were endorsed by Run Women Run members on October 3rd, and they represent vast corners […]

Stand by Your Woman: The 2016 Men of Run Women Run Event

By Tryce Czyczynska – Socio-Political Writer It takes remarkable men to stand behind historic women. On June 29, 2016, Run Women Run acknowledged the support we have in our male allies with a Men of Run Women Run event at Park and Rec. We are at a pivotal time in American history, with our first […]

Women With Backbone: Run Women Run Endorsements 2016, Part II – The National Races

By Tryce Czyczynska – Socio-Political Writer America’s 2016 election cycle may prove to be the most rewarding of this century. We stand at a historic time of extremism, and opportunity. Run Women Run was founded as a non-partisan group seeking fair-minded, pro-choice women for appointed and elected offices. Our support of these women comes partly […]

Women With Backbone: Run Women Run Endorsements 2016, Part I – The Local Races

By Tryce Czyczynska Run Women Run had its latest meeting to endorse qualified candidates on May 1st, 2016. Three women won endorsements in local races, three in national races– including Hillary Clinton. Run Women Run is a non-partisan political action group committed to inspiring, recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting pro-choice women who seek elected and […]

Backing the Best: Run Women Run Endorsements Continue for 2016

By Tryce Czyczynska – Socio-Political Writer March 7, 2016 On February 22nd, Run Women Run members held live interviews with women candidates before voting on whom to endorse for their upcoming races. This round of Run Women Run endorsements was exciting – despite the fact that only 3 local races were considered. In the end, […]