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Run Women Run is a volunteer-driven organization. The best way to get involved and to advance Run Women Run’s mission is by joining a committee.

Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee is co-chaired by Christina Wu and Kristen Clemons. This committee is responsible for the Run Women Run endorsement process, including developing and reviewing candidate questionnaires, as well as outreach to elected officials and candidate committees.

Community Engagement (Membership) Committee

The Community Engagement Committee recruits and retains Run Women Run members. It helps to ensure the financial sustainability of Run Women Run, keep members engaged, and build the movement of San Diegans committed to the election of pro-choice women.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is co-chaired by Carol Kim and Katherine McGrath. The Leadership Development Committee promotes the election of pro-choice women through events that give RWR members insight into what it is like to hold elected office, and trainings that provide them with the knowledge, skills, and support that they need to run for office. It also encourages and trains RWR members to get more involved in campaigns, become stronger advocates for women’s rights, and provides opportunities to strengthen professional networks and relationships.

Communications Committee

The Communication Committee is chaired by Hilary Nemchik. This committee is responsible for telling the story of Run Women Run through social media, the blog and other media outlets.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is chaired by Mehry Mohseni. This committee is responsible for coordinating the logistics of Run Women Run’s events, including the annual Men of Run Women Run and Honoring Our Leaders events.


If you are interested in a leadership role with the above committees, email