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Pop Up Art Exhibit: “Who’s on Top!  Daughters of Liberation”

September 9, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

You are invited to a Pop Up Art Exhibit:
Who’s on Top!  Daughters of Liberation

All around the world, countries on every continent are experiencing the greatest gender shift mankind has ever seen.  This incredible social phenomenon is changing nearly all aspects of our cultures and our societies.  The Art Exhibit:  Who’s on Top! is designed to enlighten and empower young adult women on the incredible gender shift.  Each art piece within the exhibit invites us to explore our new social realities.

This is the first art exhibit in the world to focus on the overwhelming number of women graduating from college compared to men with the aim of the art to enlighten the viewer on our new social outcomes.  New and evolving outcomes in the areas of dating, which gender can afford to buy dinner? The fall of young men, the decline in marriage rates and the rise of in vitro.

For any 20 or 30 something-year-old single women,  this is a must see. The success of young women in the new knowledge economy is creating new social outcomes all around us.

The artist Orbry Chamblee Jr. will be there to give insights and answer questions