Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to both attract and retain members in all parts of San Diego County by insuring that members become engaged in the organization. Committee members forge partnerships with relevant community organizations, speak at community groups, and maintain a Run Women Run presence at major neighborhood events. We are also reaching out to groups that, in the past, have been overlooked by other organizations. These include the “Under 40″ segment, teens of voting age, and women in underserved communities. A special, “Under 40″ subcommittee focuses on creating opportunities for our younger members to engage with others who are interested in promoting women in politics. Their social events, however, are open to interested participants of all ages.

Email for more information about the membership committee.

Committee Members:
Barbara Bry, Chair
Carrie Morrow
Hannah Bingham
Melissa Bobrow
Karen Brailean
Jo Brooks
Brigid Campo
Rachel Cano
Kathryn Crossin
Julie Dubick
Deborah Goodrich
Jessica Hayes
Laurie Itkin
Gretchen Kinney Newsom
Michelle Krug
Anna Lenhart
Megan Lim
Sue Lowe
Magda Remillard
Brittany Syz
Stacy Taylor
Christina Vetterick
Rebecca Zipp